Friday, October 7, 2016

Blog Post Reflection

When going over the previous blog posts that I have written, I think they do share some small themes or similarities. I have to admit that I didn’t do a good job in posting blogs as the class requirement due to my extremely busy medical school application and interview. However, I would still think of examples for those blogs that I missed and participated in the class discussion. I think the connections between my previous blogs are my personal experiences, and I really try to give details to readers so that they can understand what I am trying to express out of the text. For instance, in my blog post “Experience with Organizations and Transaction Costs”, I talked about my working experience as a shift leader at Aplus Karaoke. I didn’t expect most readers know the environment of a standard Karaoke business, but I am sure with my explanations of my trainings and duties, most readers will know what it is like to work in a busy and high pressure place.

As for connecting what I wrote to the course themes, I think there are many ways to do it. At the very beginning of writing posts, I just simply answered the prompts just like answering different short essay questions. However, in this way, it was hard for me to figure out the connections between my posts and our course materials. Later, I figured out that it would much better if I treated the prompt as one big thesis. Each small question should be treated as a small topic and eventually guided me to evolve my thoughts to readers. For example, in my post about experience with organizations, I put a lot of effort in connecting the team configuration to my own experience. However, I didn’t go further after my work description. I should have made a contrast what it is like when it is very busy from what it is like when things are slower.

As I have missed two blogs posting, I can’t really say there is an obvious evolve. However, my thoughts on organizing the content and getting prepared for the prompt are evolved. As I mentioned above, initially I just simply answered the prompts. Now I will try going further, making conclusions, after writing examples. I believe this will not only help me understand the course but also deliver clearer messages to readers. I think I would prefer more “open” prompts which don’t have standard answers. I think these prompts can allow me to know more about other people’s thoughts and contracts their thoughts to mine.           

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  1. So I will comment here differently than I've been commenting on the posts of other students, because your situation is different. Will things changes moving forward? Will you be in class more and stay up with the blogging? Since you are on a team for writing the class project, as well as to comment on the posts of your teammates, it would be good to know what sort of participation to expect from you moving forward. Right now, that is not clear.